Met NLHotspot is het mogelijk advertenties te tonen op mobiele apparaten van je klanten en/of gasten. Vergroot je naamsbekendheid dankzij je gasten die in ruil voor gratis internet, inloggen met hun Social Media op je WiFi hotspot. De maatschappij om ons heen verandert, mobiele apparaten staan centraal in ons leven. Sta niet stil en ga mee met de nieuwe digitale manier van mond tot mond reclame en maak gebruik van WiFi Hotspot.
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Meraki technology supporting disaster relief efforts

Meraki technology supporting disaster relief efforts In March we saw a tweet that caught our attention from the team atInveneo. Inveneo is a non-profit social enterprise that delivers sustainable computing and broadband to those who need it most in the developing world. They believe that improved access to technology can transform lives and opportunities, even in some of the poorest and most technology-challenged communities. The tweet had a picture of a Cisco Meraki MR62 outdoor access point (AP) that was being used as part of the Ebola Response Connectivity Initiative (ERCI) project.With the Inveneo office just a 10 minute drive from the Meraki office in San Francisco, we went over to find


MS switches are redefining the traditional blind, plug-in-and-that’s-it functions of switching – don’t overlook these powerful devices. You have smartphones, smart thermostats, smart cities – why not smart switches? While you may think a switch, is a switch, is a switch, think again. Have you ever needed to run cable tests remotely, or see what’s happening on a specific switch port? How about customizing access settings on a per-port basis, for any location? A normal switch will remain shrouded in secrecy on these matters, but a Meraki MS switch, now that’s another story. Centralized management Meraki switches are managed through the same cloud dashboard as all other Meraki products, enablin